Each species of Cephaline have their own peculiars about breeding. Being semi-social animals, they often congregate to find mates. Now showing off pretty displays is all well and good, but the real way to get a mate these days is by finding and giving shells to a Cephaline you fancy, even females will take the initiative and court males this way (indeed they may have learned a thing or two from Adelie penguins), but each species has a preference of shells that they like. Note that any shell may be used independently to breed, you don't require the common shell plus other shells...that would be silly!

Octopuss like Scallop Shells

Squitty like Horn Shells

Nautiline like Small Conch Shells

Cattlefish like Cowry Shells


The most common shell color. It does nothing particuarly special, but the opposite gender is still attracted to it.


A pretty shell that ensures two eggs are male.


A pretty shell that ensures two eggs are female.


These constrastly colored shells actually attract the same gender, for some odd reason. A parasitic worm lives inside these shells that infest the host parent and help with the breeding. The worm dies after one breeding.


These brightly colored shells ensure identical twins, and possibly triplet offspring.


These regally colored shells add one more offspring to the already bred eggs!


These beautiful shells attract not a mate, but an egg! Even if you own no Cephalines, just tossing this into the water will bring forth an egg to be yours! (in effect, this is like a "Random" custom starting at Egg stage, that may be redeemed at any time)


Some cephalines are more fertile than others. Here is a list that details the average size of broods.

2-3 Eggs

2-3 Eggs

1-2 Eggs

1-2 Eggs

Breeding Note: Each owner may only keep one egg per Cephaline breeding. All other eggs must be given away or traded away. You may trade them away for other eggs, adoptables, Adoptable items, PI/Secundi Items, PG/SG, and other-site currency that allows trading with other websites (ie. Wajas yes, GaiaOnline no). They may NOT be traded for real currency or other site money/items that do not allow other-site trading. Unkept eggs that haven't been given/traded away will Be reverted back to the shop runner to find a home for.


This is a pose where the grown Cephaline carries an egg that sadly will not hatch. This is not a breeding thing although the name is parent. It did used to have a purpose in breeding but no longer does, sorry