Basic everyday Rules


1) Common Courtesy

The most important rule, please treat your fellow user with the same courtesy and respect you would want to be treated with. There's no one that likes a happy thread more than the staff, and in order to keep the thread a happy place, she asks that you please refrain from guilting, begging, constantly complaining, putting others down, and trying to use sobstories to get something. Be a good sport, even if someone else wins the pet you wanted!

2) Have Fun

Somewhat coinciding with Rule #1, don't forget to have fun! It's why adoptables exist, to bring people together and enjoy cute and beautiful pets, creatures, and people, and have a good ol' time while you're at it!

3) No Drama

Also in the interest of the keeping the thread a happy place, please keep the drama to a minimum. If you truly have a problem with something going on in the thread, please contact a staff member through PM and we'll handle the situation from there. Let people enjoy the things they like without raining on their parade, and they'll reciprocate)

4) No Stealing

This includes the artwork itself as well as the individual pets, and also the ideas and information provided by the adoptable both in the thread and on this website (we don't approve of art theieves, but we also don't appreciate people who plagerize).

5) No Pestering

Staff work hard to bring these cute pets to the general public, and sometimes things can slow them down, life can get in the way. We ask that you refrain from pestering staff about owed work until at least a month has passed, then you may inquire as to the status of your owed pet.