Breeding in Luminaria

Some general things to know are:

Luminaria will aim to have breedings at least three times a year, with many chances to win a breeding.

In each season you may breed two pairs.
The pair will have 1-2 "eggs" (depending on items used).
You may keep one "Egg" per pair for yourself, the others have to go to new homes.
Eggs will grow in roughly one week.
Babies will grow in roughly two weeks.
Only adults will be certed.

-You may breed any two Luminaria together, however mixing breeds will NOT result in a hybrid.
-You may only keep 1 baby from each breeding; all the others must be rehomed.
-You may only claim a total of four babies each season. (So trade wisely)
-You may only breed out of season if you have won a breeding out of season.

Out of Season Breeding Information:
-To breed out of season you must have won one.
-No item is required but you will only get a litter of one.
-You may keep the resulting "egg" or trade it away.
-There is no limit to how many out of season breedings you can win.